Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Furry Family

It's probably fairly evident that my pets are as important to me as any family member and I probably love them a bit too much at times - vet bills would certainly indicate this - but my animals hold a very special place in my heart and it is more than worth noting on our little family blog.

My Sidekick: Abbie.

Abbie came to live with me on my birthday in 2000, a gift from my mom, who rescued her from the Humane Society. I was just a single gal, finding my way through college and working to pay the bills. She became my fast companion and immediately made her nest as queen-bee. She is often a silent comforter, just appearing at my feet or in my lap when she knows I need soft consolation. She can also be the most vocal of all the feline nation, telling me her every thought and need. She's particularly vocal at night when she's playing with her toys! Not only is she a superior companion, she's also a heck of a trooper - she's moved residences 8 times since I've had her. Yes, 8. For domesticated cats who like to take root in their familiar surroundings, that's about 8 times too many. But every time, she's made her nest and found the best places to make her resting spaces and hiding spots. She shows more resilience than I often do, all the while literally, with the coolness of a cat. I love her and she's the best gift I've ever received. After celebrating her 10th birthday this year, I'm even more grateful for every day I have with her.

Our "First-born": Princess Phoebe

When Michael and I first got married, we decided we wouldn't add to our animal brood during the first year, figuring the adjustment would be enough without the stress of a puppy. That lasted about 3 months, and I was determined to find a shih-tzu baby. I found a family breeder in Edmonson County that only bred one litter at a time and make sure all the puppies would go to a good home. I had a good feeling about this place, and the Sunday afternoon before Halloween, we drove to the middle of nowhere to a beautiful home all a bustle with 5 new baby shih-tzus. We were immediately drawn to the runt, our baby girl, and started bonding with her as we chatted with the family. There were three resident shih-tzus, the momma and daddy of the litter, and an uncle (even dog families have crazy uncles!) The momma's name was Monica. Wierd name for a dog, I thought, but didn't consider it much until they told us the daddy's name was Joey. Okay, so what was the uncle dog's name? Chandler. Ironic? Sure. Coincidence? Absolutely not. The family I had "found" in the classifieds were in fact Friends fanatics, just like yours truly. Our baby girl had been nick-named Princess, so Princess Phoebe only seemed too perfect. It was meant to be. But oh, those first few days were doozies as our new baby missed her big family and cried until she made herself hoarse the first few nights. She finally adjusted and became a regular household personality. Spoiled rotten, she is still our first-born and very much an alpha-female which ultimately led to her being a daddy's girl. (They're both hot-natured too, so it was good that she didn't require snuggling.) She's our "Friends" blessing and a wonderful, well-trained and well-behaved dog that must sleep with her own 'baby' (a toy) every night.

Our Eternal Baby: Dozer Davidson.

On a totally unexpected venture to a farm in Hodgenville, our sweet baby Dozer joined our family. He peered out from his outdoor house with the biggest brown eyes and a saggy belly and it was love at first sight for us. His transition to our home was much easier and he crate-trained well. He was our littlest baby for a while, but then all of a sudden, the hound in him emerged and he's the leader of the pack now, in stature that is. He's still very much a baby, especially his momma's baby. Michael had always wanted a beagle, and he was supposed to be Michael's partner in crime, riding with him to and from job sites in his construction truck (hence the name Dozer) but it didn't quite work out that way as he IS a snuggler and has a built-in heater that Michael couldn't tolerate on a nightly basis, so he became my buddy and I can't explain how attached I am to this little dog! He loves me to the moon and back and is my shadow at home. He's a great dog, and is really showing a lot of maturity lately (it was touch-and-go there for awhile) but still has the occasional howling fit. Okay, frequent howling fit, but its better! Oh, and don't even think about stealing his food!

And last but not least, we said good-bye to our Comedian, Little Bit, in February this year. He was a constant humor and a little trooper himself. He used all of his nine lives to the fullest and he is missed. He was my sweet boy with a fiesty streak that was hiding under a laundry basket at my brother's house after being brought in as a stray. May he rest in peace in kitty heaven.

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