Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buckets of What?

So today I was driving by a party store and sitting outside there was this huge sale container of plastic pails marked $.25 a piece. I drove by once acknowledging that the price was intriguing and there was surely something for which I could use these plastic pails. They seemed to be such a good size. They did have an ad on them, but there are solutions for that. But I drove on. I have plenty of other pails. Metal pails. Ceramic pails. I surely didn't need to add to the stockpile. So, I drove on.

Then I turned around.

I just kept thinking, with all of my creative talent I could definitely benefit from having these buckets in my Arsenal O' Creativity. I could paint them with that plastic spray paint. I could cover them with paper or fabric. The options were truly endless. And they were such a versatile size. But before I even got out of the car, my conscious kicked in again and I reminded myself of just how much stuff I have obtained from random sales and the dollar aisle at Target. I referred to much of that stuff in my first post (and since I don't know how to reference a link in the blogosphere, you'll just have to track back to read it.) It becomes too much. Too much craft stuff and not enough time. Besides, I have so many other things going on right now with still trying to get settled into our home (there are still boxes that haven't been unpacked, INCLUDING my craft boxes) and adjusting to a new job, a new church, etc. I did not have time to add to my craft to-do list a project with plastic pails. What would I even use them for? It was a good decision. I didn't need the pails.

Then I drove 15 minutes to get home.

And decided I need to go get at least $2 worth of those plastic pails tomorrow.

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