Monday, October 25, 2010

5K Birthday

Monica says it best:
"It's okay, it's all know why? Because I'm a grown-up...I turned 30 today."
"The One When They All Turn Thirty"
 Yep, as of October 21, I'm an official member of the the 30-club. This is not particularly a club I wanted to join, thank-you-very-much, but I suppose it was eventually going to happen. The most difficult part for me was fighting the negativity associated with this birthday by saying to myself, "THIS is 30?" and pondering all that I thought I would have accomplished or experienced or completed by age 30. So instead of focusing on what wasn't in my 20's, I chose to celebrate the good, learn from the mistakes, and bid farewell to anything bad from a very transitional decade in my life. (At some point, I hope to put together a picture-story collection of sorts to forever salute my twenties, but that's another post.) I also felt it necessary to find a way to look forward with positive expectancy to what my 30's would hold. So by the time I pouted and stewed and dealt with the stigma of this birthday, I can honestly say I'm proud to be 30 and truly look forward to my THRILLING THIRTIES!

Much like people start their new year off with resolutions, I wanted to start my 30's out with a bang, and what better way to do that than with the Medical Center 5K! Yes my friends, I ran, er...jog/walked the 5K around downtown Bowling Green on October 23rd with some people from work. To make the event more festive, I wore my "30" crown and it was certainly worth it! I don't think racing will become one of my pastimes, but it was certainly fun for the day and I'm glad to have kicked-off my new decade in such a way. This gives me license to do nothing for New Year's, right?

The End

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