Friday, November 19, 2010

A Post for Blog's Sake

I can't say I'm completely satisfied with my blogging efforts this year. I was hoping for more than 1 post in most months, but its a start. So, to quell my ridiculous tendencies, I'm posting simply for the sake of posting something.

I don't have anything in the "About Me" section of my Blogger profile because I don't think anything I come up with is clever enough or informative, so this is to take the place of that. And then maybe this will inspire me to update that section too.

1. I have the best husband in the world. No contest.
2. I think I take blogging a bit too seriously.
3. I think I'm the only person in the world who would rather wear dress pants out to eat than wear jeans.
4. I also think that cheap jeans are more comfortable than expensive ones.
5. This is a little too reminiscent of a Facebook trend that circulated a few years ago.
6. I have a mild obsession with lists.
7. I may have no real children, but I have the best furry ones in America. They are my babies.
8. I live in fear about 90% of the time.
9. I have a constant battle with myself about how I want to spend my time. (Previous blogs will indicate this - do I want to be Martha Stewart or just have all her stuff?)
10. Music is the most incredible of all the arts and I am blessed to have the talent and experiences I have with music.
11. Finding a church home has proven to be one of the most difficult things Michael and I have done as a married couple.
12. Scary movies still give me nightmares.
13. My life is a constant contradiction - one day I can be completely spontaneous and free, the next, I'm planning every move and worrying about every possible consequence.
14. Plaid fabric makes me happy. It always has.
15. I wish I could live with no regrets.
16. The holidays are far too overrated and stressful. (My blog is a nice, quiet place to escape...)
17. I am unashamedly addicted to reality TV and mid-nineties sitcoms.
18. I have extremely high expectations for myself and inadvertently for others as well. This is both a blessing and curse.
19. I love spending time with my husband, just the two of us, at home. That's a vacation in itself.
20. I worry far too much. I'm worrying about the time I wasting making this post about nothing.
21. I am a self-confessed control-freak of sorts. I work on it every day.
22. I want to have lunch with Beth Moore and Sarah Palin. At different times.
23. I am far too blessed to worry and fret.
24. I have an incredible family.
25. I have to get back to whatever I was doing before I decided this was a good idea.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making Something Out of Nothing

So, we used to have a big house and I felt this incurable desire to decorate it, literally, from top to bottom for the holidays. After moving from said big house, I was left with what looked like a Christmas decoration hoarding problem that needed intervention. I couldn't part with all this holiday paraphernalia until I had the opportunity to go through it appropriately, decide what I absolutely had to have, and do away with what I couldn't or wouldn't use. Finally this year, after hauling an inexplicable amount of Christmas crap from one town to the next, I have the opportunity to go through what I will be using and what I will not. And it dawned on me to make something from all that I found. Wreaths.
Evidently, at somem point I spent a billion dollars, four thousand trips to Garden Ridge, and decades of collecting, sorting, and packing away enough stuff to decorate the Eastern half of the United States with Christmas ornaments, ribbon, and tulle. So, in my quest for meaning in the "stuff" in my house, I pared down to what means something, then what would be most fun to decorate with, and then I was left with all the rest. And thus was born the idea to put this all the rest to good use on a wreath. And so it began. This is what I've been doing since well before Halloween. It's fun, quick, and even profitable as I've found some outlets for selling these wreaths! I've already made 10 and have enough "stuff" for probably 100 more. Seriously. So while I'll be packing this stuff away (there is no way I will be able to use up, make up, and sell 100 more wreaths by the end of the season) into the attic at least for another year, I have a purpose and an achievable goal with this stuff, unlike most of the other craft-y junk I'm harboring. Take THAT, Martha! Nonetheless, let me know if you want a wreath!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Martha Stewart Stresses Me Out

So the holidays are quickly approaching. This makes me both excited and overwhelmed. Mainly the latter, and here's why:
You know how around mid-October, TV shows, magazine articles, and internet ads start popping up with 'how-to's' for the PERFECT everything? "How to host a perfect Halloween party"..."How to bake the most perfect Thanksgiving dinner"..."How to have the most perfect-est Christmas EVER." You know the ones I'm talking about. Well, being a perfectionist, I can't just appreciate these shows/articles/etc. for what they are. I have to allow them to penetrate my brain with such force that I feel like the worst hostess, baker, gift-giver, seamstress, and so on, because I don't have the time, money, patience, energy, or desire to BE Martha Stewart for the holidays. But I can't accept that. Because I DO have just enough of all of those things that it drives me crazy that I can't be all of them at once, especially for the holidays. I've purchased books, clipped and saved magazine articles, poured over the internet, and even filled our DVR with Martha's specials about holiday crap to make, do, buy, bake, etc. It's so defeating. Besides, I do have my own ideas, too! By the time I get done reading the book or watching the show or even gathering the supplies I will need for project 'x,' I'm way over my alotted time and already exhausted before I even begin. I do have a "crafty" gene - it definitely runs in my family - and while I enjoy "crafty" things, I often let them overtake me and lose any pleasure in actually doing the craft because of all that is required of it (that darn perfectionism thing again.) Consider this for instance: when watching Martha, do we ever actually see where she gets all of her supplies? No, they just magically appear, ready to use, cut to size, and measured precisely. So we watch her neatly and perfectly, of course, mold together an ornament/gift/decoration in just under 5 minutes flat and think, "okay, sure, I have time to do that" (and then the ubiquitous plug from Martha inherently follows - 'See, anyone can do this at home with just a little {insert common household items we all have lying around} and you're all set.') Well, I'm not fallin' for it anymore, Martha. I'm on to your schemes. I have spent far too long attempting to make all these wonderful handmade gifts and have the most spectacular of parties with homemade feasts for the senses. And while I have been successful at times - making pillows, ornaments, memo boards, and cookie bouquets too cute to mention - the time and energy spent doing so is no longer available - I'm married now with a quite demanding job and my husband would rather spend time with me making a memory than remember how I stewed and fretted over how I'm ever going to pull off "The Most Perfect _______." Am I swearing-off crafts altogether? Absolutely not. But I am putting a stop to my attempts at being Martha Stewart. When I have her budget, facilities, and staff, then we'll see. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the holidays, perfect-ness or not.

The End

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