Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Mural

I've been more than busy at work the last few weeks and here's why:
Since my job is a new position, I'm tasked with creating it from the ground level. Sounds exciting, right? It is, but it's also considerably stressful, especially thanks to my perfectionist nature. It's also extremely difficult to determine every detail of a position when the first assignment is to design a 1400 sq. ft. facility for a training program, meetings, etc...with no budget and limited resources. I had a bare bones space - concrete floors, hung sheet rock, and an open ceiling. Luckily, lights had been dropped and while it's not ideal, for now we're living with the open ceiling concept.
For flooring, I worked with the building manager until we could find the best possible deal for acceptable carpet (to cut down on echo in the room).
Now for the walls, we ran into some, well, walls. Most quotes we were getting were higher than the carpet and just plain unreasonable. I had to do some thinking. The idea of ME painting the walls was just not feasible since I'm horrible with a roller and the walls are 18 ft tall. Not happening. I knew then that I was going to need a "cheap" team of people willing to paint...
With the help and coaxing of a co-worker, it was decided that I should present the idea of art students from local high schools coming in to paint a mural on the walls of this facility. It was a longshot, but somehow, the president approved the idea and we were on. It took a lot of scheduling and re-scheduling, but finally I was able to get students from both Glasgow High School and the entire A.P. art class (and their teacher) from Barren County High School to come in and paint all 1400 square feet.
They were unbelievable.
I'm so pleased with their work, they were such a breeze to work with, and are truly great kids. I couldn't have asked for more, especially at the end of the school year. It took two weeks of long nights and a weekend (which is record speed, if you ask me) but it was worth it.
(The carpet hadn't been laid in these pictures.)

And the best part? This is my "office" so I get to look at this every day.

*I haven't been able to appropriately honor the GHS kids due to scheduling conflicts and I feel terrible that their hard work has not been rewarded. They were great and "thank you" just isn't enough. And my 'finisher,' Todd Woodward, deserves a huge THANK YOU for coming in to bridge the gap and wrap up the project. I'm forever indebted!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Lazy Day

Why do some people always feel the need to justify a being lazy - whether it's just a few minutes of laziness or a whole day devoted to nothing? I can't count the times I hear people say things like, "oh, I was just lazy and enjoyed the sun today..." or something of that nature. Bruno Mars felt the need to write (a quite catchy) song about it. I've creeped many a blog that each have at least a couple of posts about this very issue, essentially degrading themselves for not vying for the title of "Wife/Mom/Daughter/Student of the Year" for a day. So this leads me to believe that it must either be a certain personality trait that causes such a conundrum for people or maybe it's just a woman thing. (I lean toward the latter notion given the fact that men - with the exception of Bruno Mars, of course - rarely, if ever write a shameful blog post about how guilty they feel for eating that whole bag of chips while parked in front of a Lifetime movie marathon.) Whatever the case, I guess I'm one of those people.

So that's what I'm doing - justifying.


I could say things to explain how busy I've been at work or how I haven't had a chance to really rest because by the time I have enough time to sit, I sleep, or how we're going through so much right now that sometimes even the most mundane tasks are too much for my mind to tackle (attempting to clean the bathroom almost sent me into a meltdown) or I could even admit that I just want to do N-O-T-H-I-N-G. All of those seem like perfectly acceptable lazy excuses.

But then I think of all those people who would never let a minute go by without accomplishing something and  how inferior I must seem to them when they unload their laundry list of accomplishments to me on Monday morning, turn to me and ask, "So what did YOU do this weekend?" and I'm left with a choice to either make something up or confess my slug-like behavior, thus beginning the week feeling like a Weekend Warrior Boot Camp Drop-Out. I also think about how sometimes I overwhelm and undermine myself by Sunday evening if I haven't accomplished X-amount of items on my list and how there are oh so many things that need to be tended to. Or I think about mom's adage: "Idle hands are the devil's delight" which I have unfortunately proved to be correct too many times to count.

Sidenote: After seeing it laid out here, it seems ironic that I would even wonder why someone asked me the other day, "you can't just unwind, can you?" Really.

So, luckily, sometimes you just stumble upon something that makes it totally worth it to leave those projects undone and lists a mile-long.
Enter the E! True Hollywood Story of...(wait for it) KATE GOSSELIN.
Clearly, this is a must-see.
Sidenote 2:  In spite of how much I enjoyed watching it, isn't this an oxymoron? 1, I really don't think two half-way reality shows and a sad stint on Dancing with the Stars hardly constitute a Hollywood celebrity status and 2, isn't her story already TRUE? The E! Network must be running out of real stars that want to dish their secrets.

Add in a Glee marathon on the Oxygen Network, and the stars have aligned.
Ahhhhhhh, laziness.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This Dude is Unbelievable

Have you seen this guy?

Meet Dean Karnazes. He's a running fool. On May 10, he completed a 3-month long run across America to benefit the Action for Healthy Kids program. You can read his story here. It's truly amazing. I followed his story primarily from "Live with Regis and Kelly" and was just completely blown away by someone who would even consider such a feat, much less complete it. He is such an inspiration, even to someone who wouldn't even normally consider running to the mailbox and back unless I was being chased. I may not be able to run 3,000 miles, but I can certainly appreciate the passion and drive this man has.

Bravo, running man. Bravo.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Favorite Things Pt. 6

Dyson Vacuums

I vacuum. A lot. Vacuumming often feeds motivation to get other things clean, so I vacuum to get motivated. I vacuum when I'm stressed. I have been known to vacuum at all hours of the day, much to the chagrin of roommates and my husband. But vacuuming entered a whole new level of greatness when we got a Dyson. It's really as great as the commercials say it is. Our Dyson (Animal model) is 5 years old now and still going strong. (I typically would burn through a regular vacuum within 6 months.) I will sell my left arm to buy another one when the day comes that we have to replace it.

The End

My incessant need for closure has led me to post a final farewell to this blog. Blogging was a whole new concept for me when I logged on l...