Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Fall Y'all!

Friday, it officially became FALL! I've been holding out on posting about it actually being fall because sometimes even though the calendar says it's fall, the temperatures are always going back and forth around here. But after looking at this week's forecast, I'm going to believe that summer got the memo that Labor Day is it's unofficial end and this whole "Indian Summer" notion has ended. (I've never really understood what that is anyway.) So I'm determining that it is in fact the wonderful, dreamy season of autumn and welcome my boots, scarves, and long sleeves out of hiding. I can bid farewell to that peachy-salmon summery color that looks horrible on me. I can buy candles that boast of cinnamon and pumpkin spice. I can unabashedly enjoy football season. I can enjoy the lull of everything slowing down a bit before the inevitable fast-paced swing of the holidays begins.

There are several things I'm excited about this fall:

1 - New fall fashions!
I'm certainly NOT a fashion trend follower and would not top many people's "Best Dressed List" but this fall, some preppy favorites are coming back, and I'm thrilled!


I can wear blazers with the best of 'em, even when wearing them is not in style, so that they're coming "back," all the better.



I get so tired of black, brown, and navy pants. I love color-blocking with solids and love the un-ordinary aspect colored pants add to a wardrobe.

And some of my FAVORITE prints are back for fall fun:




2 - Fall FOOD!
I'm so excited about fall food and can't wait to try these recipes:

Apple Coffee Cake with Honey-Maple Glaze

Chili in Biscuit Cups

Fabulous Football Dip

Cinnamon Pumpkin Muffins
Don't those all sound deliciously warm and comforting for fall?!

3 - Autumn Decor
I probably won't get around to doing many of these, but I LOVE the ideas for cute autumn decorating:

And last but not least, fall marks the return of all our favorite TV shows!

Survivor - predicted winner: OZZY!
The Amazing Race - predicted winners: Ethan and Jenna
Dancing with the Stars - early favorites: Chynna Phillips and David Arquette
The X Factor - haven't watched enough to pick an early winner
And of course, the non-reality shows: The Office, Community, Modern Family, Glee

So go get out a great scarf and breathe in the fresh, crisp air - HAPPY FALL!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"I Identify with Cartoons"

I record "Live with Regis and Kelly" everyday, and on Tuesday, Kelly was talking about taking her children to the premier of the re-release of The Lion King 3D. She went on and on about what a great movie it is and how much her children enjoyed it and then mentioned how when the music begins, she dared anyone not to choke up. Regis poked fun at her and she ended the pestering with, "I identify with cartoons, okay? There, I said it!"

Well, I'm with Kelly! The Lion King has long been one of my favorite movies - and now musicals - of all time. I was in middle school when the cartoon movie was released, but I didn't care - I knew and loved the music before the movie debuted. I can remember going to theater with a few obliging friends to see the movie and enjoyed every minute and have loved it ever since. Then, during the holidays 2006, my parents took our family to see the musical and I was even more enamored with the live production and pageantry. I remember (just as Kelly said) getting choked up when the music started for the fanfare of Simba's presentation and thinking to myself, "oh good grief, you can't cry at the very beginning..." but that event is one of my favorite memories. It's just such a moving story and score, how can anyone not love it?

I may just have to steal my neice and nephew and take them to see it during these two weeks that it's in theaters...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago

I was in a college classroom waiting on a professor that was never late. We were all debating on whether or not we should leave when the professor came running into the room telling us what had happened. At that time, no one knew it was the act of terrorists, but immediately after class, we all huddled around a TV in one of the student centers and watched the second plane hit. I muddled through the rest of the day in a fog, called my mom a lot, and then my roommate and I went to a church service that evening. We were totally stunned and stayed up most of the night watching the news coverage.

I hesitated to do a September 11 memorial post because nothing I could ever say would come close to pay tribute to the tragedy, but when I saw that this commercial was re-released after only airing once during the Super Bowl, I just had to share. It moves me to tears every time I watch it, but it is so special and appropriate.

I'm so proud to be a citizen of a country that recovers, but that day will never be forgotten. May there be peace for those that live with the effects of this day, every day.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Little Before and After

I've been telling you for months how busy we've been. I finally took time to take some pictures of the transformation. After a few minor changes and lots of planning beginning in April, the real work started on July 1 with the kitchen cabinets, then painting, then flooring. Everything was back in livable condition literally the day before my surgery and it was time for a break. We are not finished with everything (we need a chair here and touch-up paint there) and after looking at the pictures, I will probably change a few things, but with the holidays fast approaching I wanted to get some early pictures before holiday decorating begins. Also after seeing the pictures, the changes are unbelievable to me! I can't believe we lived with SO MUCH furniture crammed into one room and how dark everything was. I also can't believe that just Michael and I pulled this off and didn't keel over in the process. It's completely different and we're thrilled to death with the results and are very excited to wrap up the final changes.

I made the cardinal sin of not taking enough BEFORE pictures, so you'll just have to use your imagination for the kitchen, although I did include the only picture that was taken in the kitchen for reference sake at least - hopefully it's not too horrifying!


BEFORE: October 2010

BEFORE: Beginning prep work




The End

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