Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Girl!

(I'm not even going to try to apologize for being so overdue with this post. Just enjoy.)

We found out at my appointment on March 30 that we're having a baby GIRL!!!
So it says it's a girl!
My mom came to the appointment with Michael and I and she was kind enough to take pictures - I'm so grateful for that and that she could share in this special time with us.
Listening intently...
Michael wore a blue tie to the appointment, purely by accident (he's always wanted a girl and has thought it was a girl since the beginning), but as we headed out the door, he asked for his pink tie so he could wear it to reveal to his coworkers. And sure enough, he had to change!
When she told us it was a GIRL!
Our sweet baby girl is a modest, polite little thing though because the ultrasound tech had quite a bit of difficulty getting a definitive answer since her legs were together for most of the appointment. The doctor came in later to tell us that everything looked good and that it was definitely a girl. 
Think he's excited?  

Praise God for a beautiful baby girl and a healthy report!

People that say it made the time pass faster by NOT finding out the sex of their baby must have a different approach to life because I totally disagree! The first 20 weeks DRAGGED by compared to the last 3. Granted, things in general have been busier in our lives and I've finally felt more like myself for more than 4 hours a day, so I'm sure that all plays a role, but I also contribute so much to knowing what we're looking forward to in August. Even though a lot of what we're preparing is essentially gender neutral (we're not painting the nursery bubblegum pink), it still seems different now, more meaningful somehow. That's just my opinion and my experience so far. But I don't foresee looking back and regretting finding out the sex before delivery. I can pray specifically for our baby girl now - for her friends, for her future husband, for her relationship with her Creator who loves her more than we could ever hope to. I can also pray specific prayers for me and her daddy to raise her to be God's daughter, to be a lady, to be confident in who she is. That makes everything so much more real, which is so special and dear to me because for the longest time I was convinced this wasn't real - that I was just dreaming another one of my dreams of carrying a baby. But now that she is a SHE and has a sweet face and is growing and moving, it's all so real and purposeful. I'm so thankful for this time!

And, of course, she already has a name...


Ellyson kinda came out of mid air - I was reading an article and saw the name and knew it was perfect for our baby girl. 

Rose is my paternal grandmother's name and I've always known I would use it in some form.

My favorite part is that it can be shortened to "Elly Rose" which I think is just precious. 

We're so excited! We appreciate your prayers for our little girl!

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