Saturday, March 30, 2013

The End

My incessant need for closure has led me to post a final farewell to this blog.

Blogging was a whole new concept for me when I logged on late one night while Michael was working after being inspired by the movie Julie and Julia. Much like many other things in my life, my perfectionist personality, constant self-comparison, and lack of discipline bred an inconsistent and often incoherent string of words and posts. I'm not one for much self-promotion, so I felt uncomfortable "advertising" my blog making it hard to grow it. I constantly felt like I was missing something in the blogging world, that I was not in with the latest blog trends. I didn't know how to connect with other bloggers. I struggled with the "technical things" (photostitches, videos, slideshows) that seemed so easy for others. And I certainly didn't know the blog protocols that seem so prevalent among bloggers that I follow. In short, blogging is not the passion for me that I thought it would be.

But writing is.

So, while I'm stamping a "THE END" on this little corner of big Blogger's infinity (which won't be deleted for nostalgia's sake,) I am going to continue to write. For those that would like to keep up with my still inconsistent but maybe a little more coherent string of words, please find the link to my very own new blog on my Facebook or Twitter info pages.

Until then, my faithful few - adieu.

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